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Run Your Generator At Least 30 Minutes Per Quarter

Every time you need power from the generator, you have to turn on the ‘starter.’ You may be most familiar with the starter found on lawnmowers. As the name indicates, you pull it to start the motor.

Most generators don’t have that. Instead, they have an electric starter, which provides the initial energy needed to turn on the generator. While the generator itself is what powers your house, the starter is what initially powers up the generator.

If the starter doesn’t work, the generator won’t, either. To ensure your starter keeps working, run your generator for at least 30 minutes once every three months.

Make Sure Your Generator is Protected

The last thing you want is for your generator to get banged up during a storm. Losing power in the moment is bad enough. Even worse, you may have to make expensive repairs! Wherever you choose to put your standby generator, you’ll want to make sure it’s protected from projectiles.

Establish a Maintenance Schedule

How often you need a professional inspection will vary depending on how handy you are. Every month, you should be checking to make sure the generator is in good condition. This involves checking for obvious trouble signs, like pest infestations, as well as more technical metrics. You want to check the batteries and wiring for corrosion, you want to check the catch tank for coolant, and you want to make sure there’s an adequate level of oil.

You’ll then need to call a professional for the more labor-intensive, yearly maintenance tasks: changing the filters and engine oil, as well as inspecting the alternator and transfer switch.

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Maintaining Your Standby Generator

Generators are built to last. Even though they’re designed to run for thousands of hours, you only need to use them during emergencies. This means the generator you buy now can last you decades.

But you have to take care of it. Though you may not need your generator often, when the power goes out, you want to be confident that it works.

Below, you’ll find a few of our generator maintenance tips.