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Things to Consider for your Generator or Back Up Power Solution

It’s easiest to determine what home standby generator system is right for your home by thinking about what household items your family wants to remain functioning during a power outage. The number of home appliances or electrical loads you want to power will determine the size and cost of the generator and generator installation. There are two major options to consider:

Generator Installations for Partial Power: Power Essential Appliances

A "select-circuit" generator system is a cost-effective way to power your home’s basic needs and to get you comfortably through a power outage. These units can power up to 10-16 electrical loads in your home, including the fridge, some lights, television and the microwave. It’s a perfect small home generator solution.
Generator Installations for Whole-House Generators for Maximum Backup Power

Whole-house standby generator options are the best backup power solution for extra-large and luxury and smart homes. They power an array of high wattage appliances – from double ovens to hot tubs – with the performance you could expect from commercial generators. We can help you to live life uninterrupted during any power outage!

Generators | Long Island Emergency Power

We provide expert design plans for installation of a home standby generator on Long Island. Our generator installations also include start up and adjustments of the unit by our factory trained and certified generator service technician.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service from start to finish. This means we do everything from providing the standby generator unit of your choosing to its maintenance and generator service once the installation is complete. In addition, we are the proud Generac Dealers and recipients of Generac's 2012 Aftermarket Sales and Service Award and serve all of Long Island, NY.

In addition to standby generator installations we are fully licensed and have a mastery of the all of Long Island's town and village codes, rules and regulations. Whether we file the permit for you or help you with the process, we ensure that the generator installation receives the appropriate inspections and certificates needed.

We are a highly experienced Long Island generator installation company and proudly serve over 2,000 customers all over Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We are fully licensed, insured, factory trained and certified to fulfill any of your standby generator or industrial generator needs.

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